Friday, July 1, 2011

Fireworks, Breakfast of Champions

  This morning at 8:15 AM, I was awoken by 45 minutes of grand fireworks. Yes, it is officially the start of the Festival of Our lady of Montallegro which is the weekend long celebration of the patron saint of Rapallo.
The story goes like this, a peasent was walking home in the mountains from Rapallo and the Madonna appeared to him and told him to build a church on that exact spot. So they did.
The fireworks were so close to the house our doors shook.

I hear there is much more coming. There is a procession, the castle is lite up, the city is full of people, and there will be many more fireworks displays. It should be a fun weekend!

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Fern Driscoll said...

I never understood daytime fireworks til I chanced to be in town mid-day today - now I get it! It was really cool, all the colored smoke, little parachutes etc. I didn't even mind having bits of cardboard debris rain down on me. And mama mia - the NOISE - fantastic!