Friday, October 15, 2010

Trucco O Dolce (Correction) Scherzetto O Dolcetto

Thank you to my Italian friends and family whom have corrected my Italian:  "Scherzetto O Dolcetto" is the correct way to say "Trick or Treat".

I always say it's the little things. When you move far away from home that's what you miss, those little things. So when I walked by this window that is usually filled with gardening tools, I stopped in my tracks...and then took a picture. I really miss Halloween. Especially choosing the perfect pumpkin, carving in a scarier face than last year, and then roasting to perfection the yummy seeds. So this window says that maybe Halloween is on it's way to Italy? Well Trick or Treat in Italian is "Trucco O Dolce".


Susan said...

very cool!

Fausta Pavesio said...

Chelsea, cioa!

trick or treat e' in itliano "scherzo o dolce?"

I know you are on your way to live some in Rapallo.....enjoy!