Monday, October 11, 2010

BAD Reality TV :Sad Sad Story

 Coming out of Italy this week is the sad story of a missing girl and a reality TV program reviling the details of her death to her mother for the first time on live TV.

Similar to America's Most Wanted, Italy has a television show called Chi l'ha Visto? or Who have you seen? It is a live show that broadcast details of missing people, hoping to get clues and tips on finding them. Last weeks live show featured a family with a missing daughter called Sarah Scazzi. Sarah went missing when she went to the beach in Taranto, southern Italy, to meet some other family members there and she never arrived.

The following taken from here.

"Concetta Serrano was participating in the Chi l'ha visto program which tracks down missing persons after her 15-year-old daughter Sarah Scazzi went missing in August in Taranto, southern Italy.

The show was being filmed live from Ms Serrano's brother-in-law's house on Wednesday night when the anchor of the show informed her a body believed to be Sarah's had been found and that Sarah's uncle had allegedly confessed.

A shocked Ms Serrano reportedly murmured "my brother-in-law is innocent," and "I can't believe it" as she sat in the dining room.

While much of the nation watched, calls were made to the mobile phone of the uncle, Michele Misseri, who, along with his wife, Ms Serrano's sister, had been interrogated for hours and was still being questioned at that moment.
Misseri didn't answer Ms Serrano’s calls. At one point someone telephoned the mother, who went pale. She then asked the TV show's reporter at the uncle's house if the news was true.

It was not until eight minutes after learning the news about her daughter and brother-in law that Ms Serrano was asked if she would like filming to stop, which she responded to with "it is better", however the broadcast continued for another three minutes."

This is the mother at the moment they told her they had found her daughters body and that her own brother in law confessed. Why would they do this on live television? Nobody wants to see a mother in pain. All of Italy is debating this story this week. What do you think?


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Yes, a terribly sad case and terrible that the mothr had to learn what had happened like that. §Btw, the title of the show means
"Who has seen her / him?"

bellatigre said...

Italian so-called journalists and news reporters are truely insensitive and heartless!

elsiee said...

grotesque and heartless exploitation

Ryan Kay said...

I think this is horrible :( but on another note...I just stumbled across your blog and love that you moved to Italy for love! That would have been a dream of mine, I love ITALY! Do you miss the US? What a cool blog, I'm a new follower :)

Italian Postcards said...

Thanks Welshcakes! Yes, "who has seen her" is more correct.

You are right, journalists went quite insane over the Amanda Knox case too.

Yes heartless but as it happened live I just think they got the information and ran with it.

Welcome to my blog, so glad you found me!