Wednesday, October 13, 2010

First Look: New House

Soon we are headed to Rapallo or Pier's work. We will still be in Torino sometimes but for a little while we need to be in Liguria. We are going to be living in a condo that is owned by Pier's Grandparents but it has not been lived in for years. We headed down last weekend to take a look and to see what we needed like towels, sheets, etc. I took some pictures. Here is a first look of what our new house look like by the sea.
Living Room:
Master Bedroom:
Main Bathroom:
Patio Area:
Our View:


marty said...

I'm jealous(in a good way)!!!
I'm in love with Italy and everything Italian, but it doesn't look like I can move there any time soon...
Love your blog:) Thank you for sharing this beautiful country!!

Ryan Kay said...

Cute condo! Enjoy! :) I love reading your stories!

LindyLouMac said...

That view from the appartment is great. You are so lucky that the family appartment is available for you to use.

A Vintage Girl said...

Perfect! How wonderful for you!!! Enjoy every minute of it.