Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Around Torino

Just a few pics to show the fall coming to the city.
There was the ride your bike to work day. They closed down some streets to only bike traffic.
The smell of truffles is in the air as all the cafes carry some sort of truffle infused goodies. Truffles are the tale tale sign of fall much like pumpkins.
Bread, wine, and cheese markets are happening every weekend.
The older ladies start to wear their scarves on thir heads.
And that's a little bit of fall from Torino. What happening where you are?


LindyLouMac said...

I enjoyed the glimpse of autumnal Torino.

Yes Autumn is with us as well and we have been learning to make wine the traditional Italian country way.

Ryan Kay said...

BEAUTIFUL! Don't you just love it? Do you love living in Italy? Do you ever miss the USA?

Italian Postcards said...

I miss something about the US everyday. Today, I'm missing Halloween.