Sunday, February 22, 2009

Life in Europe, Page 3

12 years olds are having sex. And not just that, they are also having babies. Chantelle Steadman, now 15 and from East Sussex England, and her boyfriend Alfie Patton, now 13, gave birth last week to a 7lb 3oz girl named Maisie Roxanne. The young couple claimed to have had sex only once, last year when Alfie was only 12, and it was unprotected. The Sun newspaper interviewed Alfie and when asked by the reporter "What will you do financially?"His reply was: "What's financially?"

My first knee jerk reaction is to say, "Where were the parents?" Ahh, good question. Both Alfie and Chantelle come from broken homes. Chantelle lives with her mom, her father who is jobless, and her 5 brothers in a council house and are on benefits. Alfie lives with his dad who has fathered 9 other children.
My second knee jerk reaction question is, "Does this kid have a chance in hell?"

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