Saturday, February 14, 2009

First of the Torino Etsyians Monthly Meet-up

A new club was started today, and some new friends made. Because today we had the first meeting of the Etsy shop owners of greater Torino. We enjoyed coffee and a long chat about how we can improve our sales, reach a larger market, our techniques and secrets, forums, advertising, and most importantly, where we are going for August vacation.
We decided to get together every month to continue to grow our Etsy experience together. So thanks to Ixela and to Mireloom for joining me for coffee talk!


Francinapaperina said...

Ciao! While you were meeting at the Garn Bar (or at least in a place that looks a lot like the Gran Bar) another group of "crafty" women was meeting at the Lingotto for the monthly Stitch and Bitch - one of us has an Etsy shop too, do you mind if I forward your blog to her?

Viaggiatrice said...

Please do, and thanks for the intrest! I hope you had a lovely afternoon of stitching and bitching.