Monday, February 16, 2009

Grande Fratello

Big Brother Italy is awesome! 9 million Italians watched the last evection which is a lot considering that the population of Italy is 55 million. As it progresses I will blog here about the best bits. Let's start with the most recent evection, Federica.

Federica is a fire starter. She was so argumentative that she was actually disqualified instead of being voted off. Her most crazy moment occurred when, in and argument, she threw a heavy glass at another housemate. Here is a video of her evection, which includes a clip montage of her "best moments" at starting at 1:53.

You don't have to speak Italian to understand what is going on. Her actions do speak pretty loud. Can't wait to see what happens next! Stay tuned...

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Loredana said...

Ta Da!!! I tagged come and visit my blog to see what you have to do!