Monday, September 1, 2008

Who Me? I Never Win Anything!

I have recently discovered Auction Wally. Besides having a successful Ebay store, Etsy shop,and auction and appraisal business, he also has an internet radio show called "The AuctionWally Show" on Blog Talk Radio. I started listening for tips on Etsy selling. Check it out here:

Wally ends every show with a trivia question contest that comes with a prize and everything. Last night I won! He says my name in the last 10 seconds of the show. (Show #27) The question was: How old must an item be before it can be called an antique? Do you know the answer?
On another note...
<-- This is what my new business cards will look like.

1 comment:

AuctionWally said...

Thanks for the mention, your blog is entertaining and informative.
I especially like your postcard theme.
I've never had anyone win a contest that fast! I look forward to send your packet out in the mail and I hope you get something out of the eBook.