Monday, September 29, 2008

European Life

It's the everyday things that make living life in Europe the weird and wondrous thing that it is. Here in Italy we bag our own groceries and pay for our plastic bags, 5p each. We also pay a 1-euro fee to use the shopping cart. This is to ensure that we won't run off with it but that has spurned a whole beggars community wanting to take your cart back to get your euro, which can be disturbing while you are putting your groceries in the car. Also I have to make sure I get to the grocery store or butchers before lunch time because everything closes in the middle of the day for about 3 hours.
So today I went to the grocery store before noon, paid for cart, and after getting my groceries, paid for my bags and then I will recycle them the next time I can make it to the store before noon. And that's today's weird and wondrous thing about living in Europe!

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