Sunday, June 3, 2012

We are Gelato Spoiled

  No matter how many gelaterie open up in our neighborhood, they are always busy. I can think of 10 gelaterie just steps from our house in any direction. When Piu di Un Gelato opened up my friend Jen and I went to test their flavors against the others. Has to be done.
My first time at a new gelateria I have to try the dark chocolate plus one unique flavor that I have never tried before. If they are any good their chocolate with be delectable and I will be impressed by the creativity of the unique flavor. On this day they were so busy that many of their flavors were SOLD OUT. So I stuck with the chocolate and it was good. Just good.

Busy line that went out the door.

The first flavors to sell out in Torino are gianduia chocolate and pistacchio. For good reason too, next time you are in the area give them a try and taste what the locals love.


Sonia @ My Sweet Monkey said...

You should head over to the one located at Via San Tommaso. It's a lot less crowded.

ps... I was in town today and walked by this location... line was still out the door.

Italian Postcards said...

Sonia, Yes, I went to that one on the maratone di gelato, which btw there is no stragelato to maratone this year :(

Italian Postcards said...
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MyOwnWorld said...

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