Friday, June 22, 2012

Know Before You Go

  This small square plot of land is a privately owned beach. If you go to the beach in Italy, 99% of the time it will be a private one.You must pay to get in. Then you must pay extra to rent a chair, umbrella, towel, cabana or buy a bottle of water, lunch, or sunblock. It's an amazing money maker because everybody wants to go to the beach. You could spend between 5 and 30 Euros per person but your entrance fee covers you for the whole day until closing time. But don't leave, there is no re-entry. Also, No dogs allowed.
The one good part about a private beach is the cleanliness. The beach is maintained and clean with no trash in sight and the bathrooms are clean.


Joslin said...

What a cute little beach! Luckily the beaches near us (Jesolo and Lignano) don't have a fee to enter. We learned the awkward way (aka we got kicked out) that we have to pay for the loungers. Oh well, we find a small spot on the sand and camp out with all the other people who didn't want to pay.

Italian Postcards said...

I did the same thing Joslin!! Got kicked off a chair...embarassing.

Hotel Jesolo said...

Cute beach. I am glad you enjoyed it!