Saturday, June 16, 2012

Best Burger in Torino

   I've done it! I have found the best burger in all of Torino, period. The Burgheria grills up a mean American style beef burger with Italian ingredients that has won over this expat's stomach. I know I live in Italy, the Mecca of good food. But every once in a while I miss a few homeland favorites. I've tried many attempts to fill that void including a horrible encounter with a BAD burger ordered at a bowling ally which someone told me later that it could have been horse meat, but that's another story. There is always the McDonald's which I've talked about on this blog before but it's just been a average substitute. Burgheria is a tiny place. They have normal burgers as well as a daily special with experimental ingredients like mashed peas or creamy of artichoke sauce. They make everything fresh when you order it. I ordered a regular hamburger and then sat back and watched them put the meat on, cut the lettuce, slice the tomato, cut the fries (with the skin still on!), and fry 'em up. I was impressed and it tasted like, well the best burger in Torino. They have a fabulous and unique wall with framed pictures of people (real customers) eating burgers and enjoying it. Like I did.

So when you're in Torino and you're pasta-ed-out, a burger at Burgheria will set you back 4 to 6 euros and fries are 2.50. I would have paid more but don't tell them that.

via Del Carmine 24F, 10122 Turin, Italy


MyOwnWorld said...

This place looks awesome!!

Sonia @ My Sweet Monkey said...

It's funny that you posted this on the same day that me and the hubby had dinner there. I wrote a post a year ago on my other blog...

Rosaspina Vintage said...
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Rosaspina Vintage said...

Chelsey! Thanks for the heads up :) I can't believe I've been living in Turin for, ahem, so many years and I never checked that place before!
Are you back in town? I'd say the weather is perfect for an iced tea in the city centre ;) Drop me a line when you're free!