Thursday, April 7, 2011

This is Your Friendly Reminder

Our House Hunters International show will be airing in the US on HGTV on April 10 at 10:30 pm EST. We just hope that we look good and don't come across too cheesy. For all the info off the website including show times and a summery of our episode, click here.
Thanks for watching everyone!


Fashion Wrap Up said...

Watching right now!

Tricia said...

Hi Chelsea, I'm watching the episode and you guys are so cute (not cheese-y at all)! :-) I love your love story. Best wishes to you two.

Global Librarian said...

Hi - Just found your blog after watching the program. I think you will be disappointed in how you are portrayed. (Why do they insist on portraying all American women as whiners who need lots of closet space?)

I know a few other people who have appeared on the show (expats in Switzerland, Amsterdam & Norway) and the producers pushed them to say things and then edited it to make them look like that is all they care about. Did the same happen to you?

Was an expat in Switzerland for 4 years and we just moved back to the US. Good luck on your journey!

Cortnie said...

Hi Chels! You and Pier were simply fabulous on House Hunters! (I didn't think you sounded like a whiner who needed a lot of closet space. You were being practical, plus you have a business to run - so you need storage for personal items as well as storage for your products). The love story was true to fact and I am super happy for you both (and Jolie). Much love! Cj

Anonymous said...

Just watched you on H.H.I and thought it was great!
Hope your business is going well!
I moved to los angeles for love and now am still here after almost 20 years now with 3 anglo-americano bambini!
Good luck with everything!

Italian Postcards said...

FWU- Thanks for watching, hope it wasen't too cheesy.

Tricia- So glad you let me know that it was ok, btw, your aviator photo is gorgeous!

GL- It's true that they edit to focus on one thing. I guess they thought closet space was what I should feel was importane. It is true that the first place we looked at had a kid sized closet space. You had to get on your hands and knees to get into it. Congrats on your baby!

CJ- Thanks for the love sister!

Patrick/Nicola- Thanks so much for watching the show and checking out my blog! Congrats on your fabulously international family.

diana said...

Found your blog after just watching the episode. I married a half-Italian man (other half is Swedish, but he identifies as mostly Italian!) and moved across the country from Indiana to San Francisco to be with him. We now live in his home state Rhode Island - lots of Italians here!
Yours and Pier's story is charming, and it looks like you've made a happy home over there. Am looking forward to exploring your blog (and your Etsy store!)...
one question - when did you get Jolie???? She is adorable.

Francine said...

Hi Chelsea,
I watched you and Pier on HH and was so happy to see Torino. I have a niece who married one of the Quercetti toy family and has lived in Torino for fifteen or so years. I live in Italy vicariously through her and now I have your blog to follow.
I really enjoyed the show, some of the Americans can be obnoxious, however you and Pier made a lovely couple. I agree with your sister. lol!
I can only hope that you have as happy a life as my niece has had in Italy. Ciao!

kelly said...

hi - i just saw your HH episode, too & loved it! i didn't think you were crazy, american, closet obsessed :) my husband & i were inspired by your move for love & you business, too!
good luck with everything!

Italian Postcards said...

Diana- I brought Jolie with me to Italy. The half Italian/Swedish combo sounds like you lucked out lady! Thanks for letting me know what you thought of the show :)

Francine- I wonder if I have seen your neice around town? I'm so glad to hear that we didn't sound like obnoxious Americans, I was worried about that.

Kelly- I'm loving all this feedback on the show! Thanks for the kind words.

Mandi @ Southern Gnome said...

I just watched your episode of House Hunters International. Y'all are so cute! I got curious as to how your vintage clothing online shop was going so I googled your name. Glad to see everything is working out well for you. Love the pics on your blog. I'm gonna stick around and follow you. I've always wanted to live in another country such as Italy. Maybe one day.

Italian Postcards said...

Ciao Mandi! Thanks for becoming a follower, so glad you enjoyed the show.