Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Door Series #40


Madalyn said...

Hi Chelsea,
I just saw your HHI episode and just had to try to find out how things worked out? How is your vintage business doing? How is Torino?
I myself am moving to Geneva, Switzerland for a 2 year expat assignment in a couple of weeks so I've been watching HHI like a madwoman. The apartment you picked reminded mi a lot of the place we got in GVA.
When we got started with this process we thought about approaching HHI to see if they would be interested in us. Good thing we did not. Apartment market in GVA is horrible. Everybody rents and people apply for 10 or more places to get anything.

Glad things worked out good for you guys.

I'll try to check in again...


Italian Postcards said...

Ciao Madalyn- I'm glad our story peeked your curiosity and you found my blog! The business is going strong and Torino is bustling. Geveva is a beautiful place and your apartment looks stunning. I look forward to seeing your adventures and so I believe I am your first blog follower. Thanks for catching the show!

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

What joy to have discovered your blog reflecting all things Italian and presented in a way which is synonymous with the style of that country. We too have chosen to live abroad, the colours of the Hungarian flag often confused with that of Italy, but there, we fear, all similarity ends. However, we often find oursles on the overnight train to Venice!
Your door series is wonderful, capturing the essence of Europe!

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