Sunday, April 10, 2011

Big Market Day

 Here I am ready for the big one day flea market, first of the summer! I've got my sunblock, bug spray, shades, sun hat, extra pair of emergency flip flops in case of a shoe malfunction, and my 2 wheeled shopping cart.
There is alot of ground to cover so I usually have a route planned.
Here are a few of my favorite finds;

The color of this couch is so lush.
A table full of old cameras, I could play with them all day.
A map of New York with the Twin Towers.
A clock made of of what else?, other clocks!

I got some great finds which will be added to my shop shortly so check those out. Also If anyone sees our House Hunters show, please let us know how it was. Thanks!


20something said...

I just saw your house hunters international episode and found your blog! It was a very charming episode and made me wish I was in Italy, rather than writing a paper in my living room. I have to admit I really wanted to visit your vintage shop and I also wanted a study break! I hope your life is as exciting and fabulous as it appeared on tv, and I am so glad you chose option number 3! The angel closet is fantastic!

Unseen said...

Ciao! I just wathced House Hunters....I used to live in Torino (during the 2006 Olympics) and loved seeing the city on TV of luck to you there! You picked a great location -- really the heart of Torino!

Angela said...

I also just saw you House Hunters episode. I lived in Torino for 7.5 years - I also moved there for love! (Our wedding reception actually took place at Ristorante del Cambio - in Piazza Carignano!) Seeing the show made me really miss Italy. Maybe we'll get to move back there one day. Enjoy it! It's really an amazing place!

Italian Postcards said...

20- So glad to hear that our life came off sounding charming! It has it's crazy moments for sure. It was a pleasure to be your study break. That closet is really rare in Italy, we lucked out.

Unseen- How fun you were here for the Olympics. I always live in Olympic cities but never actually during the event, I always just miss it. Thanks for letting me know that you saw the show!

Angela- I love Cambio! I have had the pleasure to eat there only once for a wedding reception. The shop right next to it has just turned into a beautiful chocolate shop. Thanks so much for watching the show, so glad you liked it.

sherwhy said...

I watched your ep. of HHI and thought, what a lucky girl to be living in Italy! I watch the show often and wonder if the edited show is true to the experience. When was the show filmed? How many places did you see before deciding? I liked house #3 the best for the view and the high ceilings. What shocked me the most was the pricing. I didn't realize it was so expensive to live in Italy. I hope to someday travel to europe and visit many different countries. I'm excited to have found your blog and will be following from now on. Ciao!

Italian Postcards said...

Sherwhy- Edited is the right word. They film about 60 hours worth of footage for a half hour show so you can imagine. We just saw the 3 places and it was filmed last year. Yes, the city centers are usually crazy expensive it's so true.
I'm so glad you found my blog and thanks for letting me know what you thought of the the show!