Thursday, November 11, 2010

Poor Pompeii

 As if Pompeii hasn't had it hard enough, it appears that the roof has fallen in on one of the buildings and took the rest of the structure with it. The particular building happened to be the home of the gladiators. (If you didn't know that gladiators lived together in university dorm style, watch Starz: Spartus Blood and Sand, It's brilliant but very rated R). Culture Minister Sandro Bondi, is outraged and saddened that more money is not given to the protection and restoration fund for Pompeii, an issue that will likely be brought up in the coming elections for Prime Minster.
There were many fresco covered walls of which workers are now going through the debris trying to save what they can. This disaster hurts. It wasn't an act of nature, it was a issue that could have been prevented.

Take a tour of Pompeii and see the house before the collapse on Google streetview here.

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