Saturday, November 27, 2010


There is a new expat blog coming out of Rome. It's about a American (blonde) girl (like me), who moved to Rome for an undetermined amount of time (like me), who hopes to get some adventure out of life (like me). It's called An American in Rome and I recommend it mostly because it's fun and every experience she has i.e. the post office, the driving, the eating, is like being a senior and watching the freshmen on their first day of high school.

I know girl. Right?! Been there. I don't get it either.

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Natalie said...

haha! I don't want to be the Freshman any more! But thanks so much for the shout out <3 I just got back from a legit Thanksgiving dinner and was feeling very very American.

American mistake of the day: Today, I bought a "bottle" of wine, and I didn't realize that the bottle was really going to be an old 1.5L water bottle that she would fill up from the giant vat in the back.

Next time I know to byoj- bring your own jug.

Oohhhh, Italy.