Thursday, November 4, 2010


 There is still no Starbucks in Italy. Italy has a great cafe culture that they love and protect well. Plus they call American coffee dirty water. But a funny thing happened last week when a practical photo copy of Starbucks opened up in Torino's center called Buster's Coffee.
I went inside and was greeted by American sized venti drip coffee, large cozy chairs, and shockingly, to-go cups!!! I have been in 3 times now and each time I could not find a place to sit, it was that crowded.
So, maybe Italian's are giving American coffee a try...and might be liking it. I'll let you know, if I can ever find a seat.
Frozen coffee, aka, frappuccino.  


bellatigre said...

Is this along the same street as the Luxemberg bookshop and how are the prices?

Italian Postcards said...

Hay BT! It is on theat same street. I got a to-go coffee. It was about a venti size and was 2.50. I was really good though.
Hope you are loving your new home!

Fashion Wrap Up said...

It looks like a Starbucks to I love Torino and coffee!

Xo~ Christy