Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tried and Tested: Kofola Soda

One of the best parts about traveling is trying the local food. While Coca-Cola has mostly enjoyed world domination, before the Velvet Revolution it was not allowed in the Czech Republic. They produced their own cola which they called Kofola. Today Cola-Cola is found all over the country but Kofola is still the most popular and is sold on tap in bars and restaurants or in liter containers at the grocery store. When we were in Prague I had to try it.
Kofola is made with 30% less sugar then the other soft drinks on the market and has a unique mixture 14 ingredients including apple, cherry, current, and licorice.
Here is what I thought of Kofola. On my first taste I described it as sweet licorice flavored cough syrup. But then I remembered the first time I tried Coca-Cola, coffee, and beer, all of which tasted awful on my first try, and I gave it a second chance. The more I sipped it the more I liked it. I didn't miss the sugar in fact I really like it with less. You really have to like black licorice to like this soda and if I had to totally simplify the flavor I would say it's black licorice soda. It's for sure worth a try next time you are visiting Prague and my tip would be to have it with a shot of rum. Cheers!

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