Sunday, August 15, 2010

Prague: I Heart Mucha

Prague is a beautiful city. I can't say that enough. It's also my kind of city full of history, drama, beer, and art. It was also the home of one of my all time favorite artists Alfonse Mucha whom, lucky for me, painted on almost everything in the city. Prague is an art nouveau paradise, even our Hotel was an protected building, including the elevator inside.

Some highlights of Prague were:

...and Mucha:
Everyone should go to Prague at least once in their lifetime. Soak up the culture, listen to the Czech language (it's really beautiful, even though every one speaks english), and drink a Budweiser (the original not the American Bud) Dark and eat Beef Goulash and dumplings, it's ultimate comfort food.
That being said remember these tips before you go.

Check your bill. Our waiter tried to charge us for extra beers and we would have been none the wiser if we had not read the itomized version throughly.

There is no escaping the crowds so embrace it. There are 9 tourist to every 1 Czech (unoffical stats), I'm sure they love us and hate us for being there so you may never get that picture of the Charles bridge at sunset that you wanted.

Times by 4. To get the Euro conversion just times Czech mony by 4. For example, 400 CZK x 4= 16.00 Euros. 500 CZK = 20.00 Euros etc. etc. Exchange kiosks are everywhere in Prague.

Have you been to Prague? Leave me a comment.

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