Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Yes, I Said Deep Fried Butter Balls!

Unless you're Paula Deen, the current health food trend is to strive to a more organic and green lifestyle. We shop at Whole Foods buying products with names like "free range", "local", and "all natural" in the titles. But then there are those times when only the most greasiest, fattening, cholesterol ridden heart attack foods will do. That's where the State Fair comes in. Deep fried foods (usually on a stick) have always been on the menu at the Texas State Fair ever since the corn dog was invented there in 1942. Last year you might remember I posted a picture and review of last years fried food invention, Chicken Fried Bacon...if you don't remember that post, it was awesome! This year I don't know how they have come up with this but they have out done the bacon. This years tasty delicacy is Deep Fried Butter Balls!On a side political note, I think Texans should vote for the socialized health care. Just in case.

Please leave me a comment telling me what is your favorite worst food ever!


labonnefemme1 said...

please dont tell anyone at Hannahs Chelsea but I love Spaghettios and Vinegar and salt potato chips...sometimes together! Ouch!

Leslie said...

I haven't had a ton of experience with fried-Fair-foods-on-a-stick, but if we are including any kind of food I would have to say that I think pickle flavored sunflower seeds are nasty.

Zoe said...

You got me at the tittle lol yum!