Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's My Un-Birthday

So I'm almost finished with my visit home and will be headed back to my Italian life shortly but before I head out my Dad decided to celebrate my Un-Birthday today as I won't be here for my real birthday. So they asked me what cake I wanted and naturally I said pumpkin pie (a favorite I can not enjoy in Italy). So they put candles on a pie, made me some paper birthday hats to wear (which looked strangely Halloween related), and gave me a card. Now, it's the card all you bloggers and blog readers will enjoy, here it is:


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Happy Unbirthday! How cute you are and the card is perfect! Enjoy your visit!

labonnefemme1 said...

Happy Un-birthday!

Judi B said...

Now, that is really fun! A friend of mine went to Italy for Thanksgiving last year, and literally packed her suitcase with cans of pumpkin so they would be able to have pumpkin pie! Happy Un-birthday!

Christie Cottage said...

I love it!

Happy un-birthday to you!

This is a fun post. I must follow your blog for future fun!


RedRedCompletelyRed said...

Hope you had a lovely unbirthday!

That's so funny that you wanted a pumpkin pie! I've been here in the US for five years, and pumpkin pie is really the only thing I really don't like! I've tried! But I'm glad you got one :)


PilliPilli Handmade said...

Happy Unbirthday!

PS. I'm a Belgian, who moved to Italy! ;o)

Leslie said...

Happy Un-birthday Chels!