Thursday, June 4, 2009

6 Days Until the Arrival of Baby Noah!

There are exactly 6 days until I am an aunt. My younger sister is the first of us to have the rug rats, and so in 6 days not only is Baby Noah born but also "Cool Aunt Chelsea", (official title). As I am on the other side of the world, I didn't want to miss the baby shower so by the power of Jetson's technology, and mom and George, I was Skyped into the party live and in person. It felt like really being there, aside from not getting to eat a cupcake. I even won one of the games. I took a few snapshots from my computer.
Congrats C & G!
Here are the snapshots they took of me from the party, I felt like Max Headroom.


Michelle Taylor said...

I am glad that I can pass the mantle of "Cool Aunt" on to you, Chels! I also can't wait to call your mom - Granny!! Love you!

Cool Aunt Shelle

leslie said...

What an exciting time when a new baby enters the world! I'm so envious. I want to be a granny, too. I can't wait to see baby Noah.
Yes, this comment is from...

Cool Aunt Leslie