Saturday, April 18, 2009

Walking Along Via Po

We have now moved into that construction site I have been posting about for months. It's not fit for photos quite yet...coming soon. But to go just about anywhere you have to walk along the Via Po. It's full interesting finds. I might just start a new regular feature, fun finds on Via Po, or something like that. Anyways, here is what I found yesterday. A new way to tie your shoes, all the kids are doing it!From a shop called THUN. It's the Italian collectible equivalent to Jim Shore. Massively popular.

1 comment:

Loredana said...

Great notice Chelsea!
I can't wait to see how your nest has become!

Walking daily along Via Po you should go to put your nose in the gallery where I had my show, every week there's a new art exibition, maybe you can find there new interesting things for you home!
See you soon!