Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Traffic Signs of Italy

Italians have a reputation for it's drivers but I have to say that these weird and wacky signs don't help. Does anyone want to guess what this one means? No french horns in this neighborhood, maybe?


Loredana said...

Chelsea... :D

This signal means that you mustn't ring the car clackson or make any noise, usually it's near places where is an Hospital or old people recovery. Sometimes also near riding school where horses can be disturbed by strong noises.

I appreciated a lot the advertising you made here for my show and was so sorry that I couldn't see you in person over there. When will we meet again?

Carl said...

Incredibly how the traffic signs nowadays have become more improved and more innovated than before. Before, they are just posted on the trees or on the posts but now, they have their own posts whether wooden posts or steel strapping posts. And also, steel strapping seals are also used in modern signages so that it will be secured in its place.