Friday, December 30, 2011

What Happened?

What happened in  Italy in 2011? 

There was alot of loss.
We lossed Berlusconi: Ding Dong, Berlusconi's Gone
We lossed parts of Cinque Terra: Disaster in the Cinque Terre
We lost some parts of Pompeii: Pompeii Collapse Prompts Charges of Neglect
We lossed Pier's grandmother.

We were on TV! HGTV's House Hunters International, "Taking Off to Torino".

Pier turned 30
Italy turned 150 or the Centocinquantenario Anniversario
Amanda Knox was exonerated: Amanda Knox Exonerated, Murder Conviction Overturned

I made Christmas lunch this year.
 What will you remember most about 2011?


No Carnations said...

Thanks for all of the memories! I posted photos of my "tree" for you!

Corinna B said...

I will remember my apartment in San Gimignano. And sobbing like a fool at the airport in Florence on my way home...