Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Perfect Fusion of Italy and America

File this under stuff I LOVE!

So, McDonalds has comissioned the most famous chef in all of Italy to create a new hamburger for their Autumn/Winter menu. His name is Gualtiero Marchesi and he is the first chef in Italy to earn 3 Michelin Stars. He has several restaurants in Italy and one in Paris and his whole family including parents and brother are also chefs. His pedigree and portfolio are pretty amazing BUT can he create a burger that McDonald's patrons (and most importantly me) will love?  

Well, It's unique. It's called the Vivace (means lively in Italian) and it's a beef burger with crispy bacon and blanched spinich with a mustard sauce and onions on a sunflower seed bun. There is no cheese. If you order the McMenu it comes with your choice of side (like fries) and tiramisù for dessert.

So, how is he at making a great American style hamburger? Just OK. I tried one here it is. First, It comes with a place mat. Classy, right.
Here's the thing; It's good. The burger is good. The mustard, the onions, the bun, and the bacon, all good. The spinach however, is not good. A bacon burger with spinach is NOT a delicious combination. I applaud the creativity but the result is not the best. Take the spinach off and you've got yourself a great burger. With the spinach and you've got yourself something that has an acquired taste like a brussel sprout. Which is only good if you add bacon, cheese, and mayo, just like everything else.
I feel privileged to try something from such an accomplished chef but I wont be ordering it again. I will, however, order the Big Mac again. It has cheese. Or should I say, a special cheese sauce?

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nicki said...

Hmmm, well seeing as the nearest Mac D's is over an hours drive away I think I'll stick to home made burgers! (but I'd love a sundae!)