Monday, October 31, 2011

Good News for Pompeii

 This week came good news for archaeology and history lovers, as well as Itali-files in that the EU has pledged $145 million dollars (105 million euros) to save Pompeii.

     The money is part of a larger one billion euro program to support major heritage sites in dire need of  conservation and will fund a four-year project to preserve the ancient Roman town.
The History Blog

The money is a much needed asset as 3 walls have fallen within the Pompeii city walls in the past several months due to the combination of inadequate matience and terriable weather.

How is that possible really when the archaeological park brings in 70 million dollars a year from tourists? Apparently it's in the way the money is being distributed.

Concern has been mounting internationally that not enough is being done to protect Italy's historical sites, as the heavily indebted country struggles to cope with recession and the effects of the global economic crisis.
Monsters and Critics

I hope we get the chance to see it make a difference.
ANSA story on walls colapsing here.