Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wine Tasting with Me

Name: Monferrato Dolcetto
Year: 2010
Description: Dolcetto is a red wine produced locally in Piedmonte. Despite it's name "dolce-tto" it is NOT a sweet wine. The first time I tried it I was expecting a sweet cousin to the Port wine but I was wrong. You can drink dolcetto when it is quite young, mostly you will find bottles that have aged for only a year. This also makes it an affortable wine so a great everyday dinner wine. In fact according to the Wine Lovers Page, if you age it too long the wine might loose it's flavor. Despite it not being sweet I do find it smooooth. Goes down easily. Maybe too easily because you'll find yourself drinking it like water at the table. Without having said too much about what it is I can tell you what it's not. It's not sharp and it's not strong. It's an easy wine. Easy on the wallet, easy on the palate, easy to love.
Price: 3 euros

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