Monday, July 26, 2010

Paris, Listen If You Don't Like McDonald's Then Stop Eating There!

 I'm sorry Paris that a McDonald's has opened at The Louvre. I know your angry and I hear you. I agree with you that the golden arches are not what I want to see when traveling through the city of lights. But here's the thing, Paris, France has become McDonald's biggest market outside of the US*.  30 new Mc-restaurants opened last year in France and fed 450 million customers which is up 11% from the previous year*. This means there must be something tasty on the the McFrench menu...what is on the French McMenu?
Well, They do have beer.
There's the Croque McDo, a ham and melted swiss cheese on toast sandwich.
Pomme Frites, of course. With a white gravy-like sauce. I guess the French don't do ketchup.
And the Petit Plaisir (small pleasures)
Some of that stuff looks good and I must not be the only one who thinks that because every 12 months, one out of two French people visit McDonald's at least once. Annually, they consume 22 million McDonald's salads, 60,000 tons of French fries, 32,000 tons of beef patties, 12,000 tons of chicken, and 600 million buns.* It kinda sounds like you like it.
So Paris, if you don't want to eat McNuggets after seeing the Mona Lisa then stop complaining how Americans are ruining your culture and stop eating at the most famous American fast food restaurant, I'm just saying.
*Those stats came from here and from here.


Alejikos said...

To be honest, the advertisement is nice, so apropiatte for the city.
I'm a proud enemy of junk food and particularly McDonals.
The french cuisine is a gift, these kind of news blow my mind. To discover the french cuisine and avoid junk food you should be guided by local experts, as I did in those Local Paris tous

Italian Postcards said...

I love it that you said French cusine is a give, so true.
Thanks for your comment!

Mary and Sean said...

All I know is that the McDonalds on the Champs Elysees is packed full- and not with tourists!