Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This Would Only Happen In Italy

Pier tells me that this would only happen in Italy but you have to watch this video of a classical concert that took place in Rome last month in the Pantheon. Normally the Pantheon closes to tourists at 6pm. In this case the concert was still going with the singers singing their second to last song. When 6pm came the employees turned off the lights and stopped the concert saying in both English and in Italian that "the Pantheon is now closed". Stunned the singers told her, the employee, that they had only one song left and she didn't go for it and shut them down. The musicians try to go ahead and finish but it didn't work. At this point the audience revolted and started yelling obscenities at the women like "shame on you!" and "brava bitch". Watch the whole thing unfold in this YouTube vid. It's like a soap opera.

Follow up news: When the mayor of Rome heard about what happened, the 2 employees who shut down the concert were removed from employment at the Pantheon and asked to work elsewhere. Brava bitch!

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