Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Not Just Pizza

You can't spit in Torino without hitting a pizzeria, or in any other Italian city for that matter. So new ones opening up often try be different in some way, while still offering the same pizzas everybody else has. This latest pizzeria we went to was called Strabiglia and was more 'upscale'. The chandeliers looked like jellyfish and the appetizers were more posh.

My appetizer consisted of a warm dish of calamari baked with a butter and herb crusty bread crumb topping. In the center was a piece of cabbage wrapped around a salty molten cream cheese.
Instead of pizza I had a calzone stuffed with mozzarella, prosciutto, and ricotta. You might think that ricotta is an odd stuffing for a calzone but don't knock it till you tried it, it really works.


Anonymous said...

sounds and looks tasty, where is it? we might give it a try and leave the sicomoro for one night :-)

Viaggiatrice said...

You got it!

Via della Rocca 22/b

The curry shrimp was good too, Oh and the heavy homemade bread is made with sea salt. Plus they give you a glass of champagne when you walk in!

Anonymous said...

Great, next week we will try it!