Saturday, January 2, 2010

Frozen Champagne New Years

 We had a beautiful New years Eve. We had a table with friends at a tiny restaurant (with only 4 tables) in a small villiage called Champlas nestled in the mountains on the border of Italy and France. We ate homemade gnocchi and drank local red wine. Close to midnight we all went outside to welcome the new year and to see the fireworks and when we looked up we not only were greeted with a full moon but it also had the halo effect happening around it. I was magical. I was told that we wont have another full moon on New Years again until 2028! After the countdown the guys opend the champagne and sprayed it all over everyone which immediately froze and so we went back into the restaurant with bits of champagne frozen in our hair. A beautiful way to start TwentyTen!

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Loredana said...

When I saw this pic I wondered where you were, just before I read the entire post, it's because I have the same pic in my camera, and not to say, but i took it just a few mwters far from where you were, in san Sicario on the New Yers'eve, funny, isn't it??? And the effect in the moon was just SUPER! Happy New Year!