Friday, December 4, 2009

I Could Just Eat The Windows!

At holiday time all of the bakery's and sweet shops really bring out the big guns for the window displays. Did you know that the solid chocolate bar was invented right here in Torino? Before that chocolate was only consumed in liquid form. Because of that even today there are more master chocolatiers here in the city of Torino than in all of France and Belgium put together.
Therefore the aromas coming from the bread and sweet shops when you walk by grab hold of you and lure you in. The above picture is Pier getting some panini to take home for dinner and below is just one of the sweet shop displays full of cakes and extra large chocolate balls.
More pictures to come. I saw an entire Christmas tree made from chocolate in Piazza San Carlo....
Just for fun, here is the scene in the wonderful movie Chocolat where the town mayer sneaks into the chocolate shop and eats everything in the window, which is a fantasy I often have myself.

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