Monday, March 9, 2009

Life In Europe, Page 4

In 16th century Venice there was a Plague breakout. It was so bad that the Venetians quarantined and entire island to bury the dead. It killed the celebrated Italian artist Titian. In true Middle-Ages rationality the great male thinkers of the day believed that all of the female vampires walking around Venice were the cause of the perpetuating the disease. This idea probably came from the dribble of blood that often came out of the mouths of plague victims when they died. When one of these "vampires" died they would hammer a brick threw the mouth to ensure the undead bloodsuckers could not feed on the dead plague victims they were buried with. Now they are doing excavations on the plague island called Lazzaretto Nuovo. The anthropologist discovered one of these female vampires skulls, shown in the pictures here.

Here is an article on the finding:

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