Monday, October 6, 2008

Market Bounty

This weekend, true to the season, the market was ripe with bounty. I had a hard time choosing what to take home and what I had to leave there. You have to choose carefully when shopping at the marketini because by the end of the day, just like gypsies, everything disappears. Spoiled for choice I took a few pictures of the excellent finds from this weekend.

On a side note, A big hello to my new Etsy friend Margaret. She is married to an Italian and lives happily in Canada with their 2 kids. Visit her Etsy shop at She has a beautiful shop, makes awesome treasuries, and has excellent taste in vintage!


TheresaJ said...

Fabulous photos! What a treat for the eyes, and the imagination! :)

mysweetiepiepie said...

Ciao Ragazza!

Makes me miss the Rialto market in Venice.

My husband moved from there to the U.S. for love.

To Cleveland, no less...

He must really, really love me. LOL

Nice to see another Etsy American married to a native Italiano...