Monday, July 7, 2008

This Weekend in Rome...

We Americans can sometimes be bullies. Right now Tom Hanks and company are filming the sequel to the DaVinci Code in Rome. On Saturday an entire block in the middle of the city was blocked off for filming. Unfortunately, and this is so Italian, no one told the filming crew that there was a wedding planned for that day in a church that was inside the blocked off area. The fully wedding dressed bride and bridesmaids went up to the film crew (and here is the bully part) and asked if she could get by to get into her own wedding and they refused her!! Upon seeing the bride bursting into tears, Tom Hanks rushed over to the bride, let her threw, and escorted her to the church!!

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Now we Americans should remind ourselves that the making of a Hollywood movie is not more important than the most important day of a couple’s life and it's a good thing that Tom Hanks noticed the bride or she might still be standing there sobbing. And that's this weekend in Rome.

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Rebecca said...

What a sad but happy story. That will be a great one to tell the grandkids!