Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Are You Sure That's Miss Italy?

Pier and I sat down and watched the Miss Universe contest the other night. We both were anxious to see our respective countries represented. The traditional country costume portion was corny but an ok time to pick your favorites. I chose Miss Czech Republic, Pier choses Miss Mexico. Miss Italy finally came out and our mouths dropped open and we had no words to say accept, I hope she's got a really good talent because she’s gona need it. Here is a photo of her:

She's pretty but, for Italian standards, she's a disappointment. She didn't make it very far but she didn’t fall on her ass, which is what Miss America did. During the evening gown competition our Miss America took one step out and on the second step, hit the floor. Five minutes later she was eliminated. She did also have the fakest smile of all the contestants, a robot could have had a better smile. Miss Venezuela won. I could tell she was going to win during the swimsuit competition because of her walk. She had the walk of a winner.

Maybe next year...

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