Thursday, May 29, 2008

Italy is On Hold

Another rainy weekend spent in Santa Margarita. Going on 15 days of straight wet weather. I have been asking locals and they say this is un-usual. There is nothing sadder than staring out the window at the beautiful Italian Riviera threw the rain and not being able to go out, having to put the cover on the Vespas, and scraping together scraps of old bread to make sandwiches because even the markets are closed from the weather. Even the flowers have had enough and are drooping from being water logged and sun-less. Italy practically runs on the sun. Laundry is dried. Vespas and bikes are road to work. Shopping at the market. All done in the sun. Italy is on hold until the sun comes back....
Pier sitting with the pidgins and the old men discussing the strange weather.

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