Monday, May 19, 2008

Hold It or Pee on Your Own Shoe?

This is a downside to living in Europe. This toilet, if you can call it that, unfortunately is not uncommon around here. Some are inside like this one and some are outside like outhouses. As you can imagine this style of "toilet" does not work for women. There is no way to sit down and therefore no way not to pee on your shoes. It is exactly what we learned in school that they used in medieval centuries. Some parts of Italy, even in the big cities, have not advanced out of the dark ages. It made me wish for a dirty 7/11 gas station bathroom and that‘s pretty bad. I won’t be going back to that cafĂ©.

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Trina said...

ug, those toilets are the worst! they had those in china too but not nearly as poshley tiled. :)