Monday, March 17, 2008

Protected Waters

There is a beach you can go to on the coast not far from Portofino that most tourists don’t know about. Luckily I have an insider. It's called San Fruttuoso. It is small and rocky but beautiful and you can get a coffee and some strawberries or a fresh fish lunch. But bring your own blanket because if you sit on the chairs you'll be charged 10 euros an hour, something I learned the hard way. One main attraction this cove contains is that fifty feet underwater, just off the beach is the statue of Christ of the Abysses, protector of divers. Many divers come here to see the mysterious Christ hiding underwater. The statue can also be glimpsed from the surface when the waters are calm for us non divers to catch a glimpse. There is a copy of the sculpture inside the 10th century church with the sculptures story. The only way to get here is to take a boat taxi by way of Portofino and lazily enjoy the sun until the return taxi decides to come back for you, whenever that may be….

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