Thursday, March 13, 2008

Around Our 'Hood

Our neighborhood is Pecetto (all roads lead there). It's a suburb of Torino in the hills. It's pretty. Great sunrises, 2 places to get the newspaper, 1 grocery store the size of a 7/11, and 2 cafes. The dry cleaning lady will tell you to come back on Friday and then on Friday she will have forgotten all about you and could you come back next Friday? Our neighbors have a very loud and active sex life. Pier has a very loud and active soccer game watching. There are 2 roosters directly next door that crow on their own clock and no less than 100 dogs that bark at each other every day as if it was the first time. Our postino delivers the wrong mail to our box because Maria-Christina looks just like Christensen and sweet and lovely church bells ring every morning and every evening. This is Pecetto.

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