Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Did You Know...

  The Secret about Palazzo Madama is that admission is free on the first Tuesday of every month! (normal ticket price is 10 euros). One of the 4 towers is open and if you climb to the top, you will be treated to my favorite panoramic view of Torino. You are allowed to take pictures inside this royal residence that now is a museum, as long as there is NO flash. Here are a few pics I took on my last free Tuesday visit.


Jackie Champion said...

Hey! How I wish I could visit this place someday. You have a very informative and interesting page. Keep writing good stuff like this. I'll be looking forward to visit your page again and for your other posts as well. I had so much fun reading and of course to have additional learnings from you with this blog. Kudos! Thank you so much for sharing with us an information about this one. This is a good read!
Based on what I have read on a website, Tthe Egyptian Museum owns three different versions of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, including the most ancient copy known. An integral illustrated version and the personal copy of the First Royal Architect Kha, found by Schiaparelli in 1906 are normally shown to the public. On more than one occasion the director of the Museum was asked to remove the two copies of the book on display and stock them in a deep and dark basement, always for strictly esoteric reasons (as the papyrus emanates "negative energy"). At the time of writing, none of these requests appears to have been put into practice.
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Angelina said...

Hi there! I am so glad you have posted such an interesting secret! This has given me the idea to try to visit in Palazzo Madama on a Tuesday so I could have a free entrance and also so I could save my 10 euros for the tourist spot I will next visit in Rome. Also, thank you for informing us about the picture taking thing. At least I know now that picture taking is allowed for as long as we will not use a flash. Great pictures you have here, adding up to my excitement to visit Palazzo Madama and see the captivating sceneries of Torino. You have done an excellent work here; your post is quite short yet jam-packed with valuable information.