Friday, August 31, 2012

Ultimate Gelato

  Ottimo! gelateria in Torino is know for it's unique flavors. As I am known for the same reason, I thought I might like it. The 2 flavors I tried here were: salted chocolate with saffron and sweet cream ricotta with pine nuts. I am fully on board with the sweet and salty combo in all forms so I was delighted with these flavors. Add this to the long list of gelateria I have given you to try in Torino!


Aidan said...

I love all those interesting combinations. The different savory ice creams here in France are a bit too much sometimes though. Like foie gras ice cream served with a main course. Just a dab to make a plate more fun. Have you ever tried any of those?
Aidan xo

Italian Postcards said...

ciao aidan,

i have never had foie gras but i have had garlic ice cream. you're right though, it is fun!

ristochic said...

I'm italian girl from turin, I've randomly found your blog and I'm having so much fun reading it!! I like it, you're perfectly curious and funny, and I can see you like my city and my country.. keep on like this, enjoying the city and eating ice cream =D ciao =)

ps: I've seen you've tried grom, ottimo, + di un gelato..
maybe you talked also about others, but if you don't try also la romana in corso inghilterra, lucco ex gelartica in via luini, and another one in via corte d'appello =)

Italian Postcards said...

Ciao Ristochic!

Welcome to my blog and Thank You for the gelato reccommendations!