Monday, July 2, 2012

MTV Days Weekend

So, MTV Days came and went in a whirlwind weekend of sound checks, screaming girls, cameras on cranes out front, empty beer bottles, and waking up to kids puking on the castle garden as they stumble home. Loved it. Not only because MTV literally brought a party to our front door but also because we could enjoy it high above the madness just by looking out our window. Although I did have to go down into the crowd a couple of times to snap a picture or two.
I was particularly interested in how many Italian rap artists have emerged for this years concert, making up of over half of the performers over the 3 day show. The show I was able to catch the most of was Fedez.
Here is a little live video from the show taken from the crowd of a song called Ti Porto Ballare, I'll take you dancing.

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Sonia @ My Sweet Monkey said...

I managed to get there Saturday night with some girlfriends of mine. I love how age doesn't matter and everyone goes to enjoy the concerts.