Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Tour of America at McItaly?

  What's new this month at McDonald's in Torino? The Chicago Burger! A burger topped with bacon, cheese, lettuce, onions, and a fried onion and mayo sauce on a sesame seed bun. As always, I had to try it.

Nothing about this burger screams Chicago to me but perhaps they figure the Italians don't know that. My burger had waaaay to much sauce on it. That paired with the double cheese make it a little gloopy. And I really looked hard and could not find any trace of the fried onion straws that were susposta to there.
I won't be ordering this burger again mostly because the flavor wasn't there. McItaly is best when they stick to the local ingredients. The burgers with classic Italian ingredients like the Parmesan burger or the Mozerillo have been more successful flavor wise than the Chicago supreme or the 1955 Burger. Hay, McItaly!, how about a pesto mozzarella burger or a prosciutto pecrino burger...I would eat that!

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