Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rap-o Italian-0

 It's funny to hear rap in other languages. In Italian I already think that every word rhymes, making it perhaps easier to rap in the Latin based languages. parlo..italiano...milano...etc. But I have also thought it would be difficult because so many Italian words are a mouth full like effervescentemente and precipitevolissimevolmente.
The Italian answer to Jay-Z is Fabri Fibra. He has 7 albums out and keeps going. Here is a little taste from Fabri's lastest album. What do you think?


Nerys said...

Italian rap's interesting, I think it's more intelligent than English language rap (take Fibra's last single, Vip in trip as an example), it's often used as a space to criticise and make observations on Italian society and politics. This's one of my favourite songs at the moment!

Italian Postcards said...

Well said Nerys! It's one of my favorites at the moment also.

all inclusive trips to italy said...

Since Italian language itself is a "song" for sure "rap" music is much more ..... much more everything in Italian !!!