Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Let me start with the fact that we have just returned from celebrating my birthday by wine tasting in Tuscany. Being in Tuscany is like being in a fantasy. The landscape is truly surreal. All you can see are green and gold hills with miles and miles of grape vines and olive trees. Each hill is topped with a rustic stone villa each more beautiful than the next. I can understand why Sting has decided to become a farmer here, why books like Under the Tuscan Sun were written here, and why why the movie The Gladiator was filmed here. We stayed at a vineyard villa where we ate and drank like kings. These next few posts I will share the fun starting with the private lesson we had in pasta making with the chef of the villa. We made handmade pici pasta that, according to the chef, is paired with ragu sauce in true Tuscan style.

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