Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mile Long Pizza

This is a meter long pizza. Ok it's not a mile but as you can see a meter is long enough. This pizza is a speciality of the Spaccanapoli Pizzeria in Torino. You are allowed up to 3 different flavors i.e. vegetarian, ham, or napoli etc. I was thinking that I wish I could have seen the oven that cooks these bad boys.


Anonymous said...

yeah..hehe..that would be a big 'honkin' oven!!! Oh, I remember having pizza in Napoli... yum! I bet Torino pizza is just as scrumptious.

Anonymous said...

Great pic...and now I'm starving!
Chicken parmesan is on the menu tonight - a little Italian in New Jersey (well, there's actually quite a lot of Italian in New Jersey...but you know what I mean:))
Great blog!

Lynn said...

Oh I've been craving pizza. That's torture. =)